Thirty Years + 8 months

March 18, 1984 was my game change day. In March of this year (2014) my life was rearranged in a strange way. Upon my return from Houston/ Dallas Ft. Worth my vehicle failed. Not sure exactly what is wrong but an engine replacement is most likely  what needs to be done.

So, for about 8 months I have had no transportation.

Difficult, to say the least.

Yesterday, after a substantial donation, I acquired a 1977 Ford F-250 “Custom”  Truck. This is a farm truck, she shows her age however she runs like a bat out of hell. Seriously, this is a God Send. It took 8 months in my life to see a new direction. Open mindedness helped.

So, I am rolling once again. The vehicle is a project but I like it like that.


Thirty Years ago today


in 1984 I was afraid and just knew the world was coming to an end soon.

per the movie “Logan’s Run” I knew I needed renewal. ghost in the machine was in my tape player and on my turntable. as I reflected on my past I felt as though I was a failed man, beaten by my own insanity.

yes, I had totally missed the mark ….

What is the end ??

Is there an Eight Day ??

What made a difference for me personally ??

Steps, Principles, Traditions and Concepts.

Thirty years ago I was stumbling … Today I stand, and when I have done all I can, I continue to stand.

Want to know more ?? ~ My phone seldom rings these days, crazy days as I watch the world unravel, live on csnbc and msnbc …. all I see are things that make me go, hummmm.

It was 20 years ago today ….

By October 1993 I was settled in Hawaii, living on Pikoi Avenue in a 650′ square walk up … one room and the wash room. An exciting time, the internet was brand new and I was using a 32 bit ALR 368 Computer. It had a TV board, would produce videos, dial up modem and Spry Mosaic was the browser, connected to Comp-U-Serve. Wow ….

How times have changed. I remember meeting some young folks at the Manoa University describing how the Inter Net would change the world. I thought, “well it is interesting and fun” but … change the world? I had no idea.

On that day I thought that IF it were possible, I wanted to be on the ground floor. So I acquired my “” address that day, … what an address …

Early 1994 I published, to the web, my first web page “” for Beach Divers Hawaii, Inc. I told my then friend and boss Bruce B. that the “internet will change the world”. Yahoo was new, we were indexing and sharing our thoughts on-line for the first time in history. Yes, I am a dinosaur when it comes to the internet.

By 1996 I was publishing via cell phone from a boat offshore on the Big Island of Hawaii. Windows 95, Toshiba laptop and Nokia cell phone. Man oh Man, do things change fast.

For 30 years I have been “picking at” computers. I still have no idea. I learn dozens of new things on a computer each day. One thing I know for sure, it changes all the time. I can not be rigid. I must be flexible.

1983 ~ January .. Began working for Getty Oil, 1984 Texaco

1993 ~ January … Relocated to Hawaii

2003 ~ January …. Working offshore for OOSI

2013 ~ January ……. Relocated to Colorado

This is how computers look to me today.

This is how computers look to me today.

Truthfully? I am looking forward to another few years of computing, if I can just remain teachable.

Insidious Software

Ok, so this morning I needed to install I-Tunes. I have found a lot of places that do NOT offer MP3 download. “They” only use I-Tunes. Oh, my … I truly am an “Orange” guy.

So, on my desktop, in a folder, I have all of the data from a customers virus ridden Compaq.

After downloading the whopping 86 MB Apple install I-Tunes began importing my music. It was moving very fast (I’m on a Win 7, 64 bit Toshiba). I started seeing songs I did not recognize. I stopped the download.

This picture should speak a thousand words, just to keep it simple.

caught one

I am using a Duel Monitor Setup, my machine is Pure Microsoft. Deep in the previously mentioned folder was an”adobe” downloaded application which “spawned a program called “DealPly”. Microsoft Security Essentials captured it and I selected Quarantine (I will forward the full file to them later) .

The point I am making here is, You Have No Idea.

We click, select, agree and press on so many times in one day we have no idea what the frack we are doing most of the time.

“Trusting The Process” is fine if the process is good.

However, in the words of Jacob Dylan, EVIL is ALIVE and WELL.

Sunrise Road Project

July 2013

The month the project began with the Owner’s arrival. We were evacuated from #eastpeakfire which was burning on the East Spanish Peak. After meeting the folks in town at the Red Cross Shelter, we returned to the ranch with no damage. All was good.

Now we are working on a couple of 501-c-3 corps and setting up to reach out. Trusting, Helping and Cleaning Up still works. Just a little patience and things seem to work out, just a little humility and friends are made. With a little respect we can all grow together instead of separately.

On the sixth of the month I headed south for a 1000 mile road trip. More Later