It was 20 years ago today ….

By October 1993 I was settled in Hawaii, living on Pikoi Avenue in a 650′ square walk up … one room and the wash room. An exciting time, the internet was brand new and I was using a 32 bit ALR 368 Computer. It had a TV board, would produce videos, dial up modem and Spry Mosaic was the browser, connected to Comp-U-Serve. Wow ….

How times have changed. I remember meeting some young folks at the Manoa University describing how the Inter Net would change the world. I thought, “well it is interesting and fun” but … change the world? I had no idea.

On that day I thought that IF it were possible, I wanted to be on the ground floor. So I acquired my “” address that day, … what an address …

Early 1994 I published, to the web, my first web page “” for Beach Divers Hawaii, Inc. I told my then friend and boss Bruce B. that the “internet will change the world”. Yahoo was new, we were indexing and sharing our thoughts on-line for the first time in history. Yes, I am a dinosaur when it comes to the internet.

By 1996 I was publishing via cell phone from a boat offshore on the Big Island of Hawaii. Windows 95, Toshiba laptop and Nokia cell phone. Man oh Man, do things change fast.

For 30 years I have been “picking at” computers. I still have no idea. I learn dozens of new things on a computer each day. One thing I know for sure, it changes all the time. I can not be rigid. I must be flexible.

1983 ~ January .. Began working for Getty Oil, 1984 Texaco

1993 ~ January … Relocated to Hawaii

2003 ~ January …. Working offshore for OOSI

2013 ~ January ……. Relocated to Colorado

This is how computers look to me today.

This is how computers look to me today.

Truthfully? I am looking forward to another few years of computing, if I can just remain teachable.

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