Thirty Years ago today


in 1984 I was afraid and just knew the world was coming to an end soon.

per the movie “Logan’s Run” I knew I needed renewal. ghost in the machine was in my tape player and on my turntable. as I reflected on my past I felt as though I was a failed man, beaten by my own insanity.

yes, I had totally missed the mark ….

What is the end ??

Is there an Eight Day ??

What made a difference for me personally ??

Steps, Principles, Traditions and Concepts.

Thirty years ago I was stumbling … Today I stand, and when I have done all I can, I continue to stand.

Want to know more ?? ~ My phone seldom rings these days, crazy days as I watch the world unravel, live on csnbc and msnbc …. all I see are things that make me go, hummmm.

One thought on “Thirty Years ago today

  1. Gen. 1:5 (. . . and there was beginning and end). And the pattern continued. But chapt 2:3 . . . The seventh day . . . Has not ended . . .

    But the day will end and there will come an eighth day . . .
    Love ya brother

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