Thirty Years + 8 months

March 18, 1984 was my game change day. In March of this year (2014) my life was rearranged in a strange way. Upon my return from Houston/ Dallas Ft. Worth my vehicle failed. Not sure exactly what is wrong but an engine replacement is most likely  what needs to be done.

So, for about 8 months I have had no transportation.

Difficult, to say the least.

Yesterday, after a substantial donation, I acquired a 1977 Ford F-250 “Custom”  Truck. This is a farm truck, she shows her age however she runs like a bat out of hell. Seriously, this is a God Send. It took 8 months in my life to see a new direction. Open mindedness helped.

So, I am rolling once again. The vehicle is a project but I like it like that.


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