I am so Happy

It has been about 6 months, at times I wanted to give up and not swim upstream. I was told years back, “James. one day you will have to trust the process”. Once again, I have learned the process in a new way. Lesson Learned. The cabin has been moved and I am feeling successful. […]

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Thirty Years ago today

  in 1984 I was afraid and just knew the world was coming to an end soon. per the movie “Logan’s Run” I knew I needed renewal. ghost in the machine was in my tape player and on my turntable. as I reflected on my past I felt as though I was a failed man, […]

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Insidious Software

Ok, so this morning I needed to install I-Tunes. I have found a lot of places that do NOT offer MP3 download. “They” only use I-Tunes. Oh, my … I truly am an “Orange” guy. So, on my desktop, in a folder, I have all of the data from a customers virus ridden Compaq. After […]

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Caddo Lake, Texas

One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Looks like I will be working here for a few months. Hope to take more photos and share them with you. I worked the bayou’s near Morgan City but this lake is really amazing. Caddo Lake

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