I am so Happy

It has been about 6 months, at times I wanted to give up and not swim upstream. I was told years back, “James. one day you will have to trust the process”. Once again, I have learned the process in a new way. Lesson Learned. The cabin has been moved and I am feeling successful. […]

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Thirty Years ago today

  in 1984 I was afraid and just knew the world was coming to an end soon. per the movie “Logan’s Run” I knew I needed renewal. ghost in the machine was in my tape player and on my turntable. as I reflected on my past I felt as though I was a failed man, […]

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Caddo Lake, Texas

One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Looks like I will be working here for a few months. Hope to take more photos and share them with you. I worked the bayou’s near Morgan City but this lake is really amazing. Caddo Lake

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Katrina / Rita / Wilma

It has been an Amazing few months. What began as a simple evacuation from Katrina, turned to vacation in the central pacific, holiday in California, evac from Rita, home in Missouri City, hospital stay at West Oaks, loss of job on the Gulf and now Wilma is threatening the Gulf.   Do you remember a […]

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17 Knot Blind Faith

This morning I am en-route from Harbor Island to Freeport.   Been working the North Padre Island Block 956 for WGP-Transco and the music is exceptionally good this morning. "Come down on your own and leave your body low…" "Wasted and I can’t find my way home…" Do you know the artist, author and album?   […]

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