2016 … Here we are …

Weather Watchers ~ I love this stuff, the NOAA site makes it so easy. To be honest, It (NOAA) is the best part of our Government. The Senate/House part, not so much and please do not get me started on the “money policies”. …. This nation may be in for a rude awakening. So, we […]


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2016 … Here we go

Turning page two into the new year.   Where to now? Elections, food, water and don’t forget heat. I love me a good pile of clean burning firewood. So, we made another year and I am just doodling here. Press On, Trust the Process and Stay Alert

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Good Orderly Direction

Simple … just a simple yes or no will be fine.   One Saturday evening, I walked down to Times Square as it bustled with tourists and others doing holiday shopping. It is estimated that at rush hour, nearly a quarter of a million people pass through that area. As I stood there, I prayed […]

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Remiss in my duties

Well, I upgraded to Windows 10 a month ago and lost my link to live writer. I actually have not been focusing on blogging. I digress …. So, migration to Walsenburg proper is basically finished. This is my new little spot … 1930’s era cottage on the north side. God is good, to be sure […]

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Spring in Colorado

The snow is gone for the moment, the days are warmer. It is all good. We had several good snows with plenty of moisture and there may yet be more. Alas, it is only mid March. My new smile arrived early. Wow, it feels great to smile without reservation. The year is off to a […]

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Do I miss the city life?

Not really. When I hit the county road leaving Walsenburg, I pass a cemetery … That is kind of how I feel about what I left behind in 2010. Lake Texoma, Lake Whitney, Lake Caddo, Black Lake and a hundred country roads. Dusty, bumpy but I love them all. Coming in this morning I saw […]

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Thirty Years 9 Months +

It is Thanksgiving Day .. Then of course, there is Ferguson. And oil is down, again but so are fuel costs. The sun came up and according to the almanac, we get a half moon this weekend. Life? It moves on. Death, comes and goes. My Life? The Caravan is growing. So is the Carnival. […]

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