2016 … Here we are …

Weather Watchers ~ I love this stuff, the NOAA site makes it so easy. To be honest, It (NOAA) is the best part of our Government. The Senate/House part, not so much and please do not get me started on the “money policies”. …. This nation may be in for a rude awakening. So, we […]

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2016 … Here we go

Turning page two into the new year.   Where to now? Elections, food, water and don’t forget heat. I love me a good pile of clean burning firewood. So, we made another year and I am just doodling here. Press On, Trust the Process and Stay Alert

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Good Orderly Direction

Simple … just a simple yes or no will be fine.   One Saturday evening, I walked down to Times Square as it bustled with tourists and others doing holiday shopping. It is estimated that at rush hour, nearly a quarter of a million people pass through that area. As I stood there, I prayed […]

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Remiss in my duties

Well, I upgraded to Windows 10 a month ago and lost my link to live writer. I actually have not been focusing on blogging. I digress …. So, migration to Walsenburg proper is basically finished. This is my new little spot … 1930’s era cottage on the north side. God is good, to be sure […]

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