January 2023

What is life to you? Does it include words like liberty, freedom, pursuit of happiness? Let me know. A friend told me no one gets out alive … I beg to question that logic.

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Change of Plans

It has been a while since I’ve posted here. Actually not using social media very much at all. I have decided to sell my little acre and very possiably my cabin along with all of my assets at the property. I’m rearranging my priortites and focusing on my little place in town. Not sure what […]


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Cabin Reset

Finally got the little cabin moved, again. Was able to acquire an acre, off the County Road in the southeast corner of the Greenhorn Tract #1 … I am very happy. More trees, closer to the state park. Joy. These are both Composite Panographs of the property. The top one is Facing S by SW […]

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Recent DJ Show

I really enjoyed this past Halloween. It was fun to work with Yule and Forest on the show. Three sets and I finished the night with an old school/new school set. I ran on the new Virtual DJ Pro program. Love the new interface. The lights, sound and projections were fantastic. Here is a sample […]

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I am so Happy

It has been about 6 months, at times I wanted to give up and not swim upstream. I was told years back, “James. one day you will have to trust the process”. Once again, I have learned the process in a new way. Lesson Learned. The cabin has been moved and I am feeling successful. […]

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