Cabin Reset

Finally got the little cabin moved, again. Was able to acquire an acre, off the County Road in the southeast corner of the Greenhorn Tract #1 … I am very happy. More trees, closer to the state park. Joy. These are both Composite Panographs of the property. The top one is Facing S by SW […]

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Recent DJ Show

I really enjoyed this past Halloween. It was fun to work with Yule and Forest on the show. Three sets and I finished the night with an old school/new school set. I ran on the new Virtual DJ Pro program. Love the new interface. The lights, sound and projections were fantastic. Here is a sample […]

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I am so Happy

It has been about 6 months, at times I wanted to give up and not swim upstream. I was told years back, “James. one day you will have to trust the process”. Once again, I have learned the process in a new way. Lesson Learned. The cabin has been moved and I am feeling successful. […]

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2016 … Here we are …

Weather Watchers ~ I love this stuff, the NOAA site makes it so easy. To be honest, It (NOAA) is the best part of our Government. The Senate/House part, not so much and please do not get me started on the “money policies”. …. This nation may be in for a rude awakening. So, we […]

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