17 Knot Blind Faith

This morning I am en-route from Harbor Island to Freeport.


Been working the North Padre Island Block 956 for WGP-Transco and the music is exceptionally good this morning. "Come down on your own and leave your body low…" "Wasted and I can’t find my way home…" Do you know the artist, author and album?


One thing I do not enjoy about greatest hit compilations is that you do not get to hear the original "album" in it’s intended form. Most artists tell stories with their music. I really enjoy a good album in it’s original format. I find myself listening to "Best Of" and expecting certain songs to follow only to be rushed on to the next "Greatest Hit".  

Do you know that Artist? They also did "In The Presence Of The Lord" and "Sea of Joy".


Blind Faith, Steve Windwood, Blind Faith (The one with the naked girl on the cover)

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